TUI Travel Money

Prepaid travel money cards have become the most common means of carrying and spending money while travelling to different countries. These prepaid cards have gained popularity over the past years due to their convenience and security.

TUI travel money card has not been an exception. It is a safe and convenient travel money card that gives you the advantage of spending money in different currencies.

With the TUI multicurrency card, you can load foreign currency before setting off for your travel overseas and spend it conveniently without the hassle of converting currencies each time you want to spend. You can use the travel card to process ATM withdrawals or to make payments at any point of sale bearing the Mastercard logo. This review highlights everything that you should know about the TUI travel money card.

TUI Currency Exchange Rates

Last updated: Jan, 21 3:00
Currency Rate 750 GBP Buys
Euros 1.1683 876.23
US dollars 1.296 972.00
Australian dollars 1.8792 1,409.40
Bahraini dinars 0.4858 364.35
Barbados dollars 2.5161 1,887.08
Brazilian reals 4.9906 3,742.95
Bulgarian lev 2.2722 1,704.15
Canadian dollars 1.6864 1,264.80
Chilean pesos 951.057 713,292.75
Chinese yuan 8.7664 6,574.80
Colombian pesos 3967.85 2,975,887.50
Costa Rica colons 686.407 514,805.25
Croatian kuna 8.6092 6,456.90
Czech koruna 29.1692 21,876.90
Danish krone 8.7082 6,531.15
Dominican pesos 66.1187 49,589.03
Hong Kong dollars 9.9795 7,484.63
Hungarian forints 389.174 291,880.50
Icelandic krona 156.87 117,652.50
Indian rupees 88.4009 66,300.68
Indonesian rupiahs 16961.7 12,721,275.00
Israeli shekels 4.3888 3,291.60
Jamaican dollars 171.938 128,953.50
Japanese yen 142.28 106,710.00
Jordanian dinars 0.9113 683.48
Kenyan shillings 127.575 95,681.25
Kuwaiti dinars 0.3912 293.40
Malaysian ringgits 5.2033 3,902.48
Mauritian rupees 46.178 34,633.50
Mexican pesos 23.7968 17,847.60
New Zealand dollars 1.955 1,466.25
Norwegian krone 11.53 8,647.50
Omani rials 0.4951 371.33
Peruvian nuevo sol 4.1277 3,095.78
Philippine pesos 63.188 47,391.00
Polish zloty 4.9195 3,689.63
Romanian leu 5.5077 4,130.78
Russian rubles 80.8117 60,608.78
Saudi riyals 4.834 3,625.50
Singapore dollars 1.7344 1,300.80
South African rand 18.6926 14,019.45
South Korean won 1469.75 1,102,312.50
Swedish krona 12.288 9,216.00
Swiss francs 1.2542 940.65
Taiwan dollars 36.8346 27,625.95
Thai baht 39.0495 29,287.13
Turkish lira 7.4893 5,616.98
United Arab Emirates dirham 4.7461 3,559.58
Vietnamese dongs 28575.5 21,431,625.00

How the TUI Travel Money Card Works

The TUI travel money card operates just like any other credit or debit card. If you are thinking of having a TUI travel money card, then this is what you should expect.

1. Account Creation

First, you need to have a TUI account, which you can create online or at any of the 600 TUI stores within the UK. Creating a TUI account is free, and it offers you free access to two TUI cards which are tied to the same account.

2. Load Your Card

You can now load your card with up to 13 different currencies before travelling abroad. Such currencies include New Zealand Dollars, Australian Dollars, the US Dollars, Euros, the Turkish Lira, Croatian Kuna, Bulgarian Lev, Mexican Peso, Thai Baht, the South African Rand, Canadian Dollars, the UAE Dirham, and the Pound Sterling.

3. Use Your Card

Once you have loaded your card with any of the supported foreign currencies, you can now use the card for your holiday. All payments made at locations bearing the MasterCard acceptance mark are free. You can also make ATM withdrawals at a reasonable cost. The TUI money travel card also allows users to transfer money across the supported currencies for free.

4. Reload Your Card

If you run out of cash before the trip is over, you can reload your card with some extra money via either of the following ways:

  • Online via the TUI portal.
  • Online via the TUI App, which is supported by both the Apple and Android devices.
  • To reload your card in the UK, you can do so Instore at any of the TUI stores.

5. Currency Buy-back Service

If you still have your card loaded with money after your holiday, you can visit any of the TUI stores for currency exchange. The TUI buy-back service allows users to sell their currencies back to TUI at a current market rate.

The TUI App

TUI company also has a mobile app, where you can load and reload your travel card, check your spending status, and monitor your balances. Through the app, you can make money transfers across multicurrency wallets for free.

The app is available for download on Google Store for Android devices and Apple Store for Apple Devices. In case you lose your TUI travel money card, the app prompts an emergency money transfer to you through Western Union.

TUI Exchange Rates

TUI offers favourable exchange rates to over 50 currencies. According to the company, the rates come with a 0% commission. You can browse through their website for a guide on their exchange rates. You should also keep it in mind that exchange rates offered online are different from those offered at the TUI stores.

The exchange rates are, however, fixed at the time of purchase. This implies that the amount of money you purchase is exactly what your card will be reloaded with regardless of the fluctuation in exchange rates.

TUI Fees and Charges

The TUI card can only be loaded with a minimum of £25 and a maximum of £6000. Transactions carried out in an unsupported foreign currency are charged at an amount that varies with the different currencies.

While payments at shops, restaurants, bars, and hotels are free, an ATM withdrawal is charged at a cost that varies from location to location. For example, while it will cost you €1.75 to make a withdrawal in Euros, it will cost you 2 USD to make an ATM withdrawal in US Dollars.

TUI also charges an inactivity fee of £2 for the absence of transactions in 24 consecutive months. Credit card top-ups or reloads are also charged at 2% to 3% of the top-up. You can visit the TUI website to check for more of the other charges or fees that come with the use of their travel money card.