Palma Violets was an English band that was formed in Lambeth, London. The band was created in 2011 with Chilli Jesson and Samuel Fryer as the members. The band produced songs that belonged to the Indie Rock genre with some blend of psychedelic and garage rock influences.

The band produced its first single called Best of Friends in 2012, which did so well and was voted NME’s song of the year. They also had their debut album that was released on 25 February 2013.

Like many other bands, Palma Violets worked on getting a sturdy fan base online before the release of their first single that became a hit. Their fans uploaded many of their gig videos, which is believed to be a source of their inspiration. During their prime time, they signed with Rough Trade Records.

In 2013, the band had their votes appear on NME 2013 Awards, world tour, alongside great artists such as Django Django, Peace, and Miles Kane. Since then, they have received massive promotion by NME, and have been featured in many magazine editions. It was announced on 9 December 2012, by BBC that the band had received a nomination for the Sound of 2013 poll.

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Notable Songs and Albums

Palma Violets was a music band that was formed by a vocalist/bassist Chilli Jesson, a guitarist known as Samuel Fryer, keyboardist Jeffrey Mayhew, and Willaim Doyle in 2011. On January 2012, the band released their first track called Step Up for the Cool Cats, which was done on BBC radio. Having been picked as Zane Lowe’s Hottest Record in the world, the track that was produced by Steve Mackey was then released on iTunes a few weeks later. It then served as the second single track to be picked from 180 after the Rory Attwell-produced single, and the winner of NME’s song of the year in 2012.

On 16th February, Palma Violets premiered a track by the name of “Danger in the Club” again on BBC Radio 1. They then officiated the release on their album the following day. The album was named Danger in the Club. The song was produced by John Leckie on May 4th through Rough Trade Records. In December 2015, Palma Violets released a song called Last Christmas on Planet Earth. After the release of this song, there was a significant silence from the band, which led to the rumour that the band had split.

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Since the formation of the band, they released many hit songs that brought them to the limelight. Some of their hit songs include:

Awards and Recognition

  • Best Of Friends/ Last Summer Wine
  • Step Up For The Cool Cats
  • We Found Love
  • Danger In The Club
  • English Tongue
  • Peter And The Gun
  • The Jacket Song
  • Last Christmas On Planet Earth
  • Coming Over To My Place
  • Matador
  • Secrets Of America

These are some of the songs that the band released before going silent on their fans in December of 2015. They are notable for taking part in a television show by the name of Later With Jools Holland in 2012. They performed Best of Friends, Last of the Summer Wine and Tom the Drum.

Palma violets also took part in Awards and nominations such as:

  • BBC and NME Awards in 2012
  • Q Awards, NME Awards in 2013
  • NME Awards, Ivor Novello Awards in 2014

It is believed that had the band not split in 2015, they would have made major records as they were already doing well in the overall music industry.


Members of Palma Violets

Samuel Thomas Fryer

Samuel Thomas Fryer is an English guitarist, born on 14th October 1996 in Dartmouth. He is the eldest son of Jane Widdicombe and her husband, Charles Edward Fryer. However, his father, Charles Edward Fryer, was not a native of Dartmouth. He was born in the village of Hartpury before moving to town to serve in Royal Marines.

Alexander “Chilli” Jesson

Jesson is probably the most famous founders of Palma Violets. His nickname “Chilli” was given to him by his parents. The first manager of the band, Palma Violets, was Jesson’s dad’s close friend.

Jeffrey Peter Mayhew

Jeffery Peter Mayhew was the third member of Palma Violets. He is an English artist with compelling keyboard skills. He played the keyboard for the band until they had to split ways. Jeffrey Peter Mayhew was born in the UK in 1996.

William Martin Doyle

This was the drummer of the band. He was born in 1994 in England and started his career in drumming in 2009. He was one of the founding members of Palma Violets.

Why Palma Violets Split

There is not enough information as to why the band split. Since they last performed in late 2015, the band went completely silent, and the fans have been worried. There has been a rumour going online that the band split, but there is no substantial claim to support this claim.

Maybe they are up to something or maybe they are working on a project. No one is certain of what is happening in the background. Therefore, it is hard to make claims that the band has split after getting $500 loan if they have not made it official.

The Final Thought

No one is sure whether or not the band is split. What is known is that they started from the bottom and worked their way to the top. First, they created a good fan base and awed them with their incredible vocals. They had their music uploaded online, and when they were certain of their talents, they released their very first single that got the attention of the world. It is said that the band has not been heard of in a long time. The fans are restlessly waiting to hear from them, but until that happens, there is no hope.