Thomas Cook Travel Money

Thomas Cook not only has a long and distinguished history, but it’s also rated as a leading global travel agency. With a history that goes as far back as 1841, this travel agency provides a broad array of products aimed at assisting holiday goers to travel abroad with ease. Travel money is among the products offered by Thomas Cook.

Thomas Cook Currency Exchange Rates

Last updated: Jan, 21 3:00
Currency Rate 750 GBP Buys
Euros 1.16 870.00
US dollars 1.2885 966.38
Australian dollars 1.8561 1,392.08
Bahraini dinars 0.4763 357.23
Barbados dollars 2.4887 1,866.53
Bulgarian lev 2.2167 1,662.53
Canadian dollars 1.665 1,248.75
Chinese yuan 8.5898 6,442.35
Croatian kuna 8.4574 6,343.05
Czech koruna 28.7627 21,572.03
Danish krone 8.541 6,405.75
Dominican pesos 65.3917 49,043.78
East Caribbean dollars 3.3196 2,489.70
Egyptian pounds 17.442 13,081.50
Fiji dollars 2.6258 1,969.35
Hong Kong dollars 9.8378 7,378.35
Hungarian forints 380.5 285,375.00
Icelandic krona 152.41 114,307.50
Jamaican dollars 162.99 122,242.50
Japanese yen 139.24 104,430.00
Jordanian dinars 0.8952 671.40
Kenyan shillings 125.13 93,847.50
Kuwaiti dinars 0.3791 284.33
Malaysian ringgits 5.0575 3,793.13
Mauritian rupees 45.008 33,756.00
Mexican pesos 23.1683 17,376.23
New Zealand dollars 1.9247 1,443.53
Norwegian krone 11.335 8,501.25
Omani rials 0.4822 361.65
Philippine pesos 60.3915 45,293.63
Polish zloty 4.8133 3,609.98
Qatar riyals 4.5654 3,424.05
Romanian leu 5.332 3,999.00
Russian rubles 76.0286 57,021.45
Saudi riyals 4.674 3,505.50
Singapore dollars 1.7117 1,283.78
South African rand 18.2379 13,678.43
Swedish krona 12.1018 9,076.35
Swiss francs 1.2363 927.23
Taiwan dollars 36.1326 27,099.45
Thai baht 38.1582 28,618.65
Turkish lira 7.3074 5,480.55
United Arab Emirates dirham 4.6622 3,496.65

By opting to purchase a product from Thomas Cook, you can choose between purchasing foreign coinage and:

  • Collecting it at Thomas Cook branch in one of its many UK locations
  • Having the coinage delivered to your residence
  • Making use of an expedient travel money card

Its travel money options are designed to eliminate guesswork when calculating travel expenses and providing convenience during your time abroad.

Thomas Cook Product Offers

Customers can use two ways to obtain the holiday money they need:

  1. Ordering foreign coinage via the internet and having it delivered or collecting it at their nearest branch
  2. Opting to apply for a prepaid travel money card. The card works in the same manner as a debit card, but the advantage here is that you get to choose your preferred currency.

Foreign Currency from Thomas Cook

For this particular service, a client can request for foreign currency and choose to either collect it or have the agency deliver it.

Clients also have an option to make an order by phone. Once the order is processed, a representative from the company will deliver it to the address provided.

Holiday goers can make a travel money order in as many as 50 currencies. The minimal order you can make is for £200 while the maximum is for £2,500.

Lyk Prepaid Travel Card from Thomas Cook

The Lyk card is basically a contactless card provided by MasterCard. You can preload the card using one of the ten available currencies, e.g., CHF, GBP, ZAR, EUR, NZD, USD, AED, CAD, and TRY. There is an option to load GBP into your available GBP wallet at a 2 percent commission and then convert this amount into a different currency at a later date.

Alternatively, you can choose to convert the entire amount from GBP into your preferred currency wallet. For this option, you will not have to pay any commission upfront. After the conversion, the card will be ready for use during your trip. You can use it to make in-store and online purchases as well as withdraw cash from ATM machines.

In addition to the card, you will also receive a wristband connected to your Lyk card. This band is known as the Waveband™ and will come handy when you need to make or complete a contactless payment.

Cash Passport from Thomas Cook

Apart from the Lyk Card, the Cash Passport is another prepaid card. This particular card comes in the form of two variations:

  1. A single currency prepaid card
  2. Multi-currency prepaid card capable of holding up to ten currencies

As of now, Thomas Cook has stopped issuing the Cash Passport cards to new clients. However, if you have access to a card you used on a past trip, you can still continue using it until it reaches its expiry date. If you do not want to use the card, consider transferring the available balance to your recently acquired Lyk card.

Thomas Cook Exchange Rates

Travelling abroad requires you to convert your available balance to the currency you will use when abroad. With Thomas Cook, you should note that the exchange rate it provides online is not permanent. The rate is only valid for that particular business day. Additionally, different rates will apply during your currency conversion process depending on whether the order was made from a Thomas Cook store or from its online portal.

As such, there is a need for you to do some research beforehand to determine the applicable rate. Note that it’s not uncommon for money exchange providers and banks to charge a commission for the service provided even in instances where they had stated that there were no fees applicable.


You can order your travel money card by phone or online. For phone orders, be sure to check their operating hours online. Next-day delivery and reserve and collect services are some of the collection and delivery options available.