Ramsdens Travel Money

When travelling overseas, you will need some currency for your destination country. This is either in the form of a travel money card or cash. Travel money cards have increasingly become popular amongst individuals travelling abroad due to their security and convenience.

With these cards, you can fund your spending while overseas without incurring the high currency conversion fees experienced when dealing with cash. Ramsdens, a leading travel money service provider, offers you a platform where you can preload your travel budget and make international payments.

Ramsdens has around 130 of its branches distributed across the UK. This review highlights everything that you should know about Ramsdens travel money.

Ramsdens Currency Exchange Rates

Last updated: Feb, 27 15:00
Currency Rate 750 GBP Buys
Euros 1.159 869.25
US dollars 1.268 951.00
Australian dollars 1.921 1,440.75
Bahraini dinars 0.465 348.75
Barbados dollars 2.436 1,827.00
Bulgarian lev 2.208 1,656.00
Canadian dollars 1.7 1,275.00
Chinese yuan 8.69 6,517.50
Croatian kuna 8.569 6,426.75
Czech koruna 28.773 21,579.75
Danish krone 8.593 6,444.75
Dominican pesos 63.91 47,932.50
East Caribbean dollars 3.239 2,429.25
Hong Kong dollars 9.765 7,323.75
Hungarian forints 385.823 289,367.25
Icelandic krona 155.645 116,733.75
Indian rupees 84.048 63,036.00
Israeli shekels 4.237 3,177.75
Jamaican dollars 152.452 114,339.00
Japanese yen 138.821 104,115.75
Jordanian dinars 0.879 659.25
Kenyan shillings 117.173 87,879.75
Malaysian ringgits 5.245 3,933.75
Mauritian rupees 45.789 34,341.75
Mexican pesos 23.178 17,383.50
New Zealand dollars 1.992 1,494.00
Norwegian krone 11.837 8,877.75
Omani rials 0.476 357.00
Peruvian nuevo sol 3.959 2,969.25
Philippine pesos 59 44,250.00
Polish zloty 4.918 3,688.50
Qatar riyals 4.61 3,457.50
Romanian leu 5.482 4,111.50
Russian rubles 79.903 59,927.25
Saudi riyals 4.713 3,534.75
Singapore dollars 1.753 1,314.75
South African rand 19.371 14,528.25
Sri Lankan rupees 199.201 149,400.75
Swedish krona 12.082 9,061.50
Swiss francs 1.227 920.25
Taiwan dollars 35.872 26,904.00
Thai baht 39.246 29,434.50
Turkish lira 7.359 5,519.25
United Arab Emirates dirham 4.629 3,471.75

Ramsdens Travel Money Card

Ramsdens offers customers a prepaid Mastercard, which can be used to buy goods and services across the border or make ATM withdrawals. The Ramsdens travel money card, which is available in either US dollars or euros, can be reloaded instore or online in case you run out of cash.

The card is accepted and usable, where a Mastercard logo is displayed. This includes places such as shops, hotels, restaurants, and bars. You can buy the Ramsdens travel money card online via the Ramsdens’ website or at any of their branches.

Ramsdens Travel Money Fees

When carrying out transactions in the currency of your card, the Ramsdens travel money card is fee-free. For ATM withdrawals, however, you will be charged up to USD 2 or 1.5 Euros in addition to possible ATM operator fees.

Using your card to make purchases in a different currency other than that of your card will cost you some additional charges. Once your travel money card has expired, you will be required to give a replacement fee of £4.95 should you wish to renew it.

You can browse through their website to establish other possible fees as well as to determine how the instore and online charges vary.

Ramsdens Exchange Rates

Ramsdens charges a zero per cent commission for their currency exchange. The Ramsdens website features a comparison of Ramsdens’ exchange rates against competitors such as NM Money, Eurochange, Asda, and No.1.

You can also use the Ramsdens currency calculator to find their specific exchange rates on any of the 50 supported currencies. It is also vital to know that exchange rates offered online vary from those offered instore.

It is, therefore, important to compare the rates provided instore and online if you are to pick the most favourable exchange rates.

Ramsdens Currency Buy-back

In case you do not spend travel money to the last coin, you can sell your currency back to Ramsdens. Ramsdens launched a currency buy-back offer that allows customers to exchange the remaining currency with the British pound after the travel. You do not have to worry about your currency leftover.

How Ramsdens Travel Money Work

The Ramsdens travel money services are ideal for individuals who travel overseas regular who are interested in a safe and easy to buy and spend currencies across the border. This is how Ramsdens travel money services work.

Purchase a Ramsdens Travel Money Card

These cards are available for purchase instore or online for collection at any of the Ramsdens’ branch. The cost of the card is waived depending on the amount of your first preload.

Load Your Travel Card

With a Ramsdens travel card account, you can load your card with your amount of choice at any location in the world. The loading process involves a transfer of money from your debit card to your travel card. You can do this either online or instore.

PIN Retrieval

The card comes with instructions on how you will retrieve your PIN. You will need the PIN to make purchases or to reload the card with extra money. To retrieve this PIN, you will have to call the number provided at Ramsdens’ website. The call is charged at a standard network rate.


You can now take your travel card with you for spending across any location in the world. You should keep in mind that the travel card is valid for use at any point displaying the Mastercard Acceptance Mark.

Top Up Your Card Online

When you run low in cash during your travel, you can reload your travel card online. Create an online account via the Ramsdens website. You can then reload your card by clicking on ‘To up my card’.

Leftover Currency

You do not have to worry about any leftover currency on your travel card. Leave it there and wait until you travel back to the UK where you can sell the currency to Ramsdens.