No1 Currency Travel Money

No1 Currency is the money exchange service that operates put of Morrisons supermarket in the UK. It is among the top travel money services in the region. The currency exchange provider boasts decent rates and 0% commission, offering holidaymakers cost-savings on their transactions.

No1 Currency aims to ease the stress of money exchange for travellers. The company offers several travel money services that come on handy when planning a trip. What are these and how do they satisfy customer needs? This review looks at these and a few other elements of the service provider.

No1 Currency Currency Exchange Rates

Last updated: Feb, 27 21:00
Currency Rate 750 GBP Buys
Euros 1.1675 875.63
US dollars 1.2755 956.63
Australian dollars 1.9179 1,438.43
Bahraini dinars 0.4678 350.85
Barbados dollars 2.4063 1,804.73
Brunei dollars 1.7348 1,301.10
Bulgarian lev 2.2317 1,673.78
Canadian dollars 1.6865 1,264.88
Chilean pesos 995.51 746,632.50
Colombian pesos 4038.1 3,028,575.00
Costa Rica colons 688.76 516,570.00
Croatian kuna 8.5781 6,433.58
Czech koruna 29.086 21,814.50
Danish krone 8.6369 6,477.68
Dominican pesos 64.477 48,357.75
East Caribbean dollars 3.3304 2,497.80
Fiji dollars 2.6075 1,955.63
Hong Kong dollars 9.8192 7,364.40
Hungarian forints 388.8 291,600.00
Icelandic krona 156.29 117,217.50
Indonesian rupiahs 16828 12,621,000.00
Israeli shekels 4.1873 3,140.48
Jamaican dollars 166.71 125,032.50
Japanese yen 138.7 104,025.00
Jordanian dinars 0.8894 667.05
Kenyan shillings 124.78 93,585.00
Malaysian ringgits 5.2028 3,902.10
Mauritian rupees 45.516 34,137.00
Mexican pesos 24.072 18,054.00
New Zealand dollars 2.0024 1,501.80
Norwegian krone 11.817 8,862.75
Omani rials 0.4824 361.80
Peruvian nuevo sol 4.1508 3,113.10
Philippine pesos 62.435 46,826.25
Polish zloty 4.9601 3,720.08
Romanian leu 5.3849 4,038.68
Russian rubles 82.026 61,519.50
Saudi riyals 4.6765 3,507.38
Singapore dollars 1.7557 1,316.78
South African rand 19.322 14,491.50
South Korean won 1473.5 1,105,125.00
Swedish krona 12.208 9,156.00
Swiss francs 1.2297 922.28
Taiwan dollars 36.925 27,693.75
Thai baht 39.898 29,923.50
Turkish lira 7.6965 5,772.38
United Arab Emirates dirham 4.6489 3,486.68
Vietnamese dongs 26625 19,968,750.00

Money Order Options

Online orders for currency purchases have become commonplace as people get more access to the net. No1 Currency provides customers with the flexibility of putting in their orders online. The process is a simple one because the platform is easy to use. The No1 Currency homepage has the latest exchange rate and a calculator to help you convert currencies accurately.

A drop-down menu at the right-hand top corner lets you navigate to other sections of the site like the store locator. You can order currency on the platform then ask for home delivery or pick it yourself at a physical store. Holidaymakers can save considerable time and hassle by using the online ordering service. It is not only convenient but reliable as well.

The other option is to order straight from a brick-and-mortar store. No1 Currency has over 300 locations scattered across the UK. The company has a solid reputation for the level of service that it provides in local stores. It has a well-trained team that is equipped to handle questions that customers might have about the travel money services.

You have a good number of stores options; you only have to find a Morrisons near you. With in-store orders, you can also opt to get the order yourself or pay for home delivery. You also have Western Union at No1 Currency kiosks, which is an added convenience, especially if you are sending or receiving cash.

When you order, whether online or in-store, No1 Currency sends an email to inform you that your order is received. A confirmation email is a nice touch, especially for online orders. It serves to ease the concerns that a customer might have about whether an order was received or not.

Currency and Delivery Rates

No1 Currency offers competitive rates with customers getting some of the best prices for Euros, Sterling and US Dollars. The company ensures that customers have the most current rates, which helps keep the rates fair. You don’t have to pay a commission for your travel money order.

No1 Currency has free delivery for orders above £800 and anything lower than this amount attracts a fee of £4.95. The service doesn’t impose a minimum order for customers, but the maximum is £2,500. No1 Currency uses Royal Mail Special Delivery for next-day orders which you must submit the previous day before noon. You can’t cancel next-day delivery, but you can for click-and-collect orders at a fee.


The travel money service allows you to pay with different credit cards. Charges from your card issuer may apply. Note that when paying in-store, the accepted payment options can vary from one location to another. Therefore, confirm online if your chosen bureau has any restrictions.

A Range of Services

Besides selling currency, the company provides several other services that make travelling less complicated. If you have leftover cash from your holiday, No1 Currency agrees to buy it back. Check rates online and order your sell-back. Some travellers prefer to move around with as little cash as possible.

No1 Currency caters to this market with a prepaid card. If you load the card with £400 or more, you won’t have to pay for it. You can deposit Sterling, US Dollars or Euros on the card. It is accepted in 210 countries, which makes it easy to transact with.


  • Orders have to be above £800 for free delivery
  • Delivery for travel card can take up to 5 days
  • No telephone order service.


No1 Currency at Morrisons has grown into one of the most recognisable brands for travel money services in the UK. With approximately 350 stores and over 60 currency alternatives, the company caters to a large customer base.

The friendly staff makes in-store visits stress-free and dependable. Customers can also count on some of the most competitive rates. No1 Currency is FCA approved.