NatWest Travel Money

NatWest is a bank based in the United Kingdom that offers pretty every financial solution. Nonetheless, NatWest focuses on the foreign exchange rate, travel money, holiday loans, and allows you to sell back the money you dint use during your holiday. How?

First, you can order foreign currency via the bank’s app and choose whether the money will be delivered to your doorstep or if you’ll pick in any of their branches. Secondly, you can get a holiday loan in terms of foreign cash or a debit/credit card from NatWest you can use abroad. Lastly, if you have extra foreign currency and you’re back in the UK, you can sell it back to NatWest as long the money is in the form of notes and not coins.

NatWest Currency Exchange Rates

Last updated: Jan, 21 3:00
Currency Rate 750 GBP Buys
Euros 1.1535 865.13
US dollars 1.2806 960.45
Australian dollars 1.8487 1,386.53
Bahraini dinars 0.4725 354.38
Bangladeshi taka 98.91 74,182.50
Barbados dollars 2.475 1,856.25
Bermudian dollars 1.2209 915.68
Brunei dollars 1.685 1,263.75
Bulgarian lev 2.228 1,671.00
Canadian dollars 1.6671 1,250.33
Cayman Islands dollars 0.9958 746.85
Central Pacific francs 127.36 95,520.00
Chilean pesos 939.042 704,281.50
Chinese yuan 8.6 6,450.00
Colombian pesos 3900.2 2,925,150.00
Costa Rica colons 686.02 514,515.00
Croatian kuna 8.4995 6,374.63
Czech koruna 28.7838 21,587.85
Danish krone 8.5938 6,445.35
Dominican pesos 66.52 49,890.00
East Caribbean dollars 3.353 2,514.75
Egyptian pounds 17.78 13,335.00
Fiji dollars 2.684 2,013.00
Hong Kong dollars 9.8667 7,400.03
Hungarian forints 384.475 288,356.25
Icelandic krona 153.536 115,152.00
Indonesian rupiahs 16728 12,546,000.00
Israeli shekels 4.075 3,056.25
Jamaican dollars 166.5 124,875.00
Japanese yen 140.457 105,342.75
Jordanian dinars 0.8975 673.13
Kenyan shillings 125.564 94,173.00
Kuwaiti dinars 0.3848 288.60
Malaysian ringgits 5.041 3,780.75
Mauritian rupees 44.9 33,675.00
Mexican pesos 23.4272 17,570.40
Moroccan dirham 10.247 7,685.25
New Zealand dollars 1.924 1,443.00
Norwegian krone 11.2919 8,468.93
Omani rials 0.4875 365.63
Peruvian nuevo sol 4.107 3,080.25
Philippine pesos 61.14 45,855.00
Polish zloty 4.847 3,635.25
Qatar riyals 4.609 3,456.75
Romanian leu 5.411 4,058.25
Russian rubles 75.15 56,362.50
Saudi riyals 4.773 3,579.75
Singapore dollars 1.714 1,285.50
South African rand 18.3119 13,733.93
South Korean won 1450 1,087,500.00
Sri Lankan rupees 192.452 144,339.00
Swedish krona 12.0572 9,042.90
Swiss francs 1.2365 927.38
Taiwan dollars 36.53 27,397.50
Thai baht 38.34 28,755.00
Trinidad dollars 8.33 6,247.50
Turkish lira 7.378 5,533.50
United Arab Emirates dirham 4.683 3,512.25
Vietnamese dongs 28245.4 21,184,050.00

Is the website user-friendly?

Well, it’s super easy to use the NatWest website because every service is a link to what you need.

It is easy to navigate through the website. First, if you click on order travel money online, it will take you to the following page:

Ideally, every link directs you to a specific service.

Moreover, you can download a NatWest mobile app that will keep you on per how you’re spending money in a foreign country. A mobile app is convenient since it is installed on your phone and allows you to access all you need at the comfort of your palm. Moreover, the app is secure and user-friendly. Ideally, you can do any of the following using the NatWest app:

  • Check transaction details
  • Book your travel plans
  • Confirm your balance

Other things that illustrate the user-friendliness’ of this website include:

Visual appeal: the website is attractive. Even though NatWest is a financial solution, it has incorporated the holiday theme on the site. The visual appearance of the website promotes easy scanning on services NatWest offers.

Loading speed: the pages load quickly, whether your internet is slow or not.

The website has no ads. Ads can be annoying, especially if they pop up every time you click something. But, the NatWest website has no ads, and that’s an advantage.

The website is a safe environment in that there is no pop-up links that could be viruses or immoral images. Moreover, the website doesn’t share your information with any group or programs.

Search functions: the website has a search box in which you can type your questions. Also, there is a location locater that produces your nearest NatWest bank branch.

Features and Benefits

Travel Money

Notably, travel money is the cash you’ll use in a foreign country you are travelling to. You are required to acquire foreign currency from your local bank before travelling; otherwise, you risk exchanging your currency at a higher rate when you go with your local notes. Therefore, NatWest allows you to order travel money at least 10 days before the travel date.

The money will either be delivered to you or pick from the nearest branch. Your order limit could vary between £100 and £2,500. However, if you order travel money that is below £500, you’ll have to pay an extra fee to cover the delivery price.

Holiday Loans

NatWest offers holiday loans of an amount ranging from £1,000 to £50,000. The loan you take has a representative annual rate of 3.4%, depending on the amount you’re borrowing or circumstances.

Remnant Holiday Money

Vacations require a tremendous amount of money. When you take a vacation abroad, you set aside the money you’ll use to buy items you can carry back home. In that case, you might order extra travel money that you can use. So, where will you take the extra money, especially if it’s in foreign currency form? NatWest repurchases foreign currency.

Nonetheless, the bank doesn’t take back coins or notes that are not in perfect condition. You, therefore, have to care for the foreign notes by avoiding to fold them to prevent forming crises.

NatWest Cards

Visitors can be the target of thieves. It is, therefore, essential to divide your money and put it in various bags. For instance, you can save some money in the waist belt, handbag, and somewhere in the pocket of one of your clothes. Alternatively, you can use the NatWest debit or credit card. The card allows you to withdraw cash from ATM in selected foreign countries. Also, you can pay directly for the services you need abroad using your debit or credit card.

Note: you have to alert your bank before travelling that you’ll be using your card in a foreign country.

Exchange Rate

If you have a bank account with NatWest, you get the best exchange rate. Ideally, the bank has three categories, and each holder has a specific advantage over another depending on the group of your account. The categories include:

  • Reward silver
  • Reward platinum
  • Reward black

If you’re an account holder in any of the above categories, you get a mid-market exchange rate plus a likely mark-up. On the other hand, if you don’t own any of the above, you’ll get a mid-market exchange rate plus a higher mark-up.

NatWest travel money is a service that has helped me with my travel needs. The exchange rates are to die for as well as reasonable.