ICE Travel Money

ICE is an acronym for International Currency Exchange. It’s a finance company which offers foreign exchange services. Anyone going abroad would find this service useful. In the past, getting foreign currency wasn’t easy.

If you lived or worked near a foreign exchange office, it wasn’t difficult to get foreign currency. If your local bank had a foreign exchange section, it was also convenient.

Otherwise, you had to find a foreign exchange office. Sometimes was difficult to go there. Some of us would decide to get the foreign currency at the last minute as we departed at the airport. Yet, that could be a problem. If, as it sometimes happens, if you were short of time at the airport, it could create extra tension.

Also, if the rate was very high that day, you would regret not purchasing your currency earlier. Let’s say that getting foreign currency was never the easiest task for many of us.

Services Available at ICE

In this ICE Travel Money review, we’ll try to give an overview of the performance of and services rendered by the ICE. Let’s take a look at the various services offered by the company. These are as follows:

Foreign Exchange

ICE makes it possible to buy your foreign currency online. It claims to sell the foreign currency at the keenest possible rates. As you can buy the currency online, it is very convenient. But how can you buy currency online and receive it into your hands? This is where ICE becomes useful. It provides several ways to deliver your foreign currency.

Travel Money Card

This is a prepaid Mastercard. You can load up with your preferred foreign currency before you start your travel. ICE tells us that the actual card is free. There is no fee charged for getting a card and delivery is also free. Topping up is also free. Yet there is a small fee for the usage of the ATM machine when topping up. ICE likes to be transparent with its customers. That’s why they called the card the ‘ICE Clear Card’, although ‘travel money card’ is the correct term.

A network of branches throughout the country.

There’s a ‘Click and Collect’ service. This ensures that your foreign exchange will be ready to collect. Purchased it online. The company has 30 branches throughout the country. You can let ICE know which branch would be convenient for you to collect your currency when you buy online. The company 30 branches throughout the UK. These are currency pick up points, so it’s probable that you will be located near one.

Foreign Exchange home delivery service

If you’re not located near an ICE pick-up point, or if it’s not convenient to go, you can order home delivery. It’s free home delivery for orders worth over £700.00.

It has over 50 currencies available. It’s ‘never beaten on price’ claim is impressive. ICE is a good option for arranging foreign currency.

ICE Travel Money Card Review

ICE welcomes reviews, good and bad. They got a review of their travel money card recently which was very critical indeed. A customer claimed that even MasterCard-endorsed ATM machines wouldn’t accept the card. This customer was travelling in the far east’. He or she experienced difficulty with the card and difficulty contacting customer service. ICE has apologised and claims to have looked into the matter.

We can hope that there will be no more such reoccurrences in the future. Are you considering getting a Travel Money Card in the future? check out any ICE travel money card review for recent reviews. Apart from this, user feedback is usually positive. Especially the reviews about rates and good customer service.

Ice Pic Travel Money Reviews – Check Them Out

Because of the ‘frozen’ acronym, ice metaphors are popular with this company. ‘Icepic’ is in the company’s url or Internet address. and people often Google ‘Ice Pic Travel Money Reviews. It’s a very good thing that the company loves collecting reviews. Before using its services, checking the latest reviews is a good policy.