HSBC Travel Money

As one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations, HSBC has got the international market covered. With 1000 branches in the UK and more than 7000 offices in 80 countries across the globe, customers can be guaranteed top travel money services.

One of the many services offered by the bank include fee free delivery of your currency to your local bank or directly to your home. A wide range of currencies can be ordered quickly and easily online and you can opt for your choice of delivery venue at the same time.

HSBC Currency Exchange Rates

Last updated: Jan, 21 3:00
Currency Rate 750 GBP Buys
Euros 1.1535 865.13
US dollars 1.2806 960.45
Australian dollars 1.8487 1,386.53
Bahraini dinars 0.4725 354.38
Bangladeshi taka 98.91 74,182.50
Barbados dollars 2.475 1,856.25
Bermudian dollars 1.2209 915.68
Brunei dollars 1.685 1,263.75
Bulgarian lev 2.228 1,671.00
Canadian dollars 1.6671 1,250.33
Cayman Islands dollars 0.9958 746.85
Central Pacific francs 127.36 95,520.00
Chilean pesos 939.042 704,281.50
Chinese yuan 8.6 6,450.00
Colombian pesos 3900.2 2,925,150.00
Costa Rica colons 686.02 514,515.00
Croatian kuna 8.4995 6,374.63
Czech koruna 28.7838 21,587.85
Danish krone 8.5938 6,445.35
Dominican pesos 66.52 49,890.00
East Caribbean dollars 3.353 2,514.75
Egyptian pounds 17.78 13,335.00
Fiji dollars 2.684 2,013.00
Hong Kong dollars 9.8667 7,400.03
Hungarian forints 384.475 288,356.25
Icelandic krona 153.536 115,152.00
Indonesian rupiahs 16728 12,546,000.00
Israeli shekels 4.075 3,056.25
Jamaican dollars 166.5 124,875.00
Japanese yen 140.457 105,342.75
Jordanian dinars 0.8975 673.13
Kenyan shillings 125.564 94,173.00
Kuwaiti dinars 0.3848 288.60
Malaysian ringgits 5.041 3,780.75
Mauritian rupees 44.9 33,675.00
Mexican pesos 23.4272 17,570.40
Moroccan dirham 10.247 7,685.25
New Zealand dollars 1.924 1,443.00
Norwegian krone 11.2919 8,468.93
Omani rials 0.4875 365.63
Peruvian nuevo sol 4.107 3,080.25
Philippine pesos 61.14 45,855.00
Polish zloty 4.847 3,635.25
Qatar riyals 4.609 3,456.75
Romanian leu 5.411 4,058.25
Russian rubles 75.15 56,362.50
Saudi riyals 4.773 3,579.75
Singapore dollars 1.714 1,285.50
South African rand 18.3119 13,733.93
South Korean won 1450 1,087,500.00
Sri Lankan rupees 192.452 144,339.00
Swedish krona 12.0572 9,042.90
Swiss francs 1.2365 927.38
Taiwan dollars 36.53 27,397.50
Thai baht 38.34 28,755.00
Trinidad dollars 8.33 6,247.50
Turkish lira 7.378 5,533.50
United Arab Emirates dirham 4.683 3,512.25
Vietnamese dongs 28245.4 21,184,050.00

Quick And Easy Features

HSBC make ordering money as simple as possible, and they have a number of features that ensure you will receive your travel money in record time:

Online ordering: your holiday or business travel money can be ordered within minutes online by following the onscreen instructions. Money can be ordered 24/7, and if ordered before 2pm you will receive your delivery by the next working day.

Competitive rates: HSBC have very competitive rates for money transactions and these can be checked easily by clicking on the red ‘check rates and order online’ tab.

No fee for next day delivery: orders are delivered free and the minimum currency order is £100 – this will entail a next day delivery if you place your order by 2pm.

All main international currencies available: wherever you are travelling to, HSBC offer a huge selection of currencies so that you can have the right money available at short notice for trips to most countries. However, the bank do advise that you check any currency restrictions in the country you are travelling to in case there are limits on how much cash you can take into the country.

Unused currency buy back service: unused cash can be taken into any HSBC branch and bought back for sterling. Branches can provide information on buy back rates as different exchange rates will be applied for this particular service.

Buying HSBC Travel Money

There are some stipulations that are in place for those wanting to purchase HSBC currencies, and to purchase money you must be a UK customer of HSBC bank or have a Marks & Spencer account and be aged 18 years or over. Orders need to have a minimum value of £100 and home delivery is available up to a maximum amount of £2,500. Deliveries to your home will need to signed for on receipt of the currency and a small delivery charge is applied for orders less than £250.

Most week day deliveries can be made the next day but for those falling at weekend HSBC will aim to deliver or have your currency ready for collection by 1pm no later than two working days later. It’s also important to remember your passport or other valid photo ID if you are collecting from a branch. This also applies to anyone who collects the money on your behalf, and additionally they should also have the order confirmation number with them.

For any orders not delivered or collected within nine working days, a refund will be issued by the bank based on applicable HSBC exchange rates.

Smooth Operation

All in all, with HSBC’s international profile, their service offers a speedy and smooth operation for obtaining currency with nearly every major country covered and a door to door service if required.

By obtaining travel money from a large bank with a wide international profile, customers get the reassurance of the bank’s reputation and knowledge of many different currencies and markets. With multiple offices abroad there is the added security of an actual presence in many countries visited by tourists and those on business, as well as a raft of helpful numbers and contact details on their website.

Three Step Process

If you decide to purchase your travel money from HSBC it is literally a three step online process which entails choosing currency, paying and confirming, and with handy travel money information and checklists the site is very user friendly and customer orientated.

Therefore, if you undertake regular business trips abroad, or are due for a holiday to Europe or somewhere much further afield you will not go far wrong with the experience and benefits that come from choosing HSBC to provide your currency of choice. Also, even if you have not visited the country before, HSBC will be able to provide the correct currency quickly and with the useful option of buying back any unused cash.