Debenhams Travel Money

Debenhams is a multinational departmental store found in the United Kingdom. It was launched in 1778 in London. Besides dealing with furniture, clothes, and household goods, the company also engages in financial services. Such include insurance, credit cards, and travel money.

Travel money service enables efficient and secure online ordering. Debenham’s travel money has competitive exchange rates for foreign currencies and does not charge any commission. The service also makes free deliveries to all the travel money transactions made.

Debenhams Currency Exchange Rates

Last updated: Dec, 13 21:23
Currency Rate 750 GBP Buys
Euros 1.1742 880.65
US dollars 1.3116 983.70
Australian dollars 1.8854 1,414.05
Bahamian dollars 1.2135 910.13
Bahraini dinars 0.4801 360.08
Barbados dollars 2.5387 1,904.03
Bermudian dollars 1.2856 964.20
Brazilian reals 4.9924 3,744.30
Bulgarian lev 2.2134 1,660.05
Canadian dollars 1.7278 1,295.85
Cayman Islands dollars 1.0232 767.40
Chilean pesos 939.545 704,658.75
Chinese yuan 8.8395 6,629.63
Costa Rica colons 677.574 508,180.50
Croatian kuna 8.5763 6,432.23
Czech koruna 28.6055 21,454.13
Danish krone 8.721 6,540.75
Dominican pesos 65.8683 49,401.23
East Caribbean dollars 3.3486 2,511.45
Fiji dollars 2.6981 2,023.58
Hong Kong dollars 10.1729 7,629.68
Hungarian forints 378.066 283,549.50
Icelandic krona 154.517 115,887.75
Israeli shekels 4.3401 3,255.08
Jamaican dollars 164.668 123,501.00
Japanese yen 143.647 107,735.25
Jordanian dinars 0.8912 668.40
Kenyan shillings 129.251 96,938.25
Kuwaiti dinars 0.3987 299.03
Malaysian ringgits 5.2254 3,919.05
Mauritian rupees 45.3558 34,016.85
Mexican pesos 23.7948 17,846.10
New Zealand dollars 1.9773 1,482.98
Norwegian krone 11.6291 8,721.83
Omani rials 0.4877 365.78
Peruvian nuevo sol 4.1381 3,103.58
Philippine pesos 56.1852 42,138.90
Polish zloty 4.927 3,695.25
Qatar riyals 4.6167 3,462.53
Romanian leu 5.3392 4,004.40
Russian rubles 78.3964 58,797.30
Saudi riyals 4.7658 3,574.35
Singapore dollars 1.7598 1,319.85
South African rand 18.8107 14,108.03
Swedish krona 12.1333 9,099.98
Swiss francs 1.2896 967.20
Taiwan dollars 37.6623 28,246.73
Thai baht 38.4999 28,874.93
Trinidad dollars 8.328 6,246.00
Turkish lira 7.401 5,550.75
United Arab Emirates dirham 4.8 3,600.00

Debenhams Money Exchange at a Bureaux De Exchange near You

This company enables you to change travel money at any bureau de change near you over the counter. Most of their branches are open every day of the week, thereby making it reliable. You can, therefore, convert cash to the currency you want on any day.

Debenhams also has appetizing enticements such as a £5 voucher if you purchase above £50 in travel money. However, where to spend it and the time allocated may not be that much. You should be aware that not all the foreign currencies are available at Debenhams bureau so you will need to liaise with the office to know how you can be assisted.

Exchange rates at the bureau are less competitive compared to the Debenhams online rates, and you can apply these rates by visiting their store.

Debenhams Effective Foreign Currency Exchange

The company has now enabled customers to order for foreign cash on the travel money website and paying for the same after it has been received at a Debenhams store. You are allowed to order up to a limit of £2,499. For any deliveries that are above £500, Debenhams will not charge you anything, but there is a £6.95 fee for any deliveries below £500.

The company also allows you to cancel an order before delivery is done. You will have to cough a £10 cancellation fee for that though. A UK credit or debit card can be used to make the orders at Debenhams.

Travel Money Home Delivery

In case you do not feel like walking to a Debenhams store to collect your travel money you can have it delivered to an address you’ll provide as your home address. Ensure you make the order before 2 PM so that you can receive the cash in two working days.

For home deliveries, the maximum you can order is £2,500. And again for this case deliveries above £500 are not charged a cent, but a fee for deliveries below that amount is charged, typically £6.95. There should be someone to sign when the money is delivered to your home.

Travel Money Card

The company provides customers with a prepaid travel money card. It is availed to customers in both euros and US dollars. The card can be used abroad to draw cash from a foreign cash machine. You will not be charged any fees if you are withdrawing currency that is the same as the cards. The card requires you to apply in person, and you can recharge it at a Debenhams bureau.

Buying back of Foreign Currency

In case you do not use up all the foreign money, the company purchases the remaining at their rate. However, the buying rates are not that competitive, but Debenhams adds 20 percent to what they give customers if you are going to put that money onto a gift card.

Money Transfer to Bank Accounts Abroad

Debenhams has joined hands with Western Union to offer customers a bank-to-bank exchange of cash. That will be useful when you want to send money or make an international payment to another country.

Western Union is established in more than 200 countries in the world. However, to send money via Western Union, you will have to visit a Debenhams bureau de change.

Advantages of Debenhams Travel Money

Here are some of the benefits of using this service:

  • The money can be redeemed at any bureau as they are over 100 across the United Kingdom.
  • It has a PIN and Chip protection meaning it is secure.
  • There is no commission charged on transactions.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of reloads.
  • Same currency transactions involve zero charges.
  • Debenhams travel money can be used all over the world at any MasterCard.

Demerits of Debenhams Travel Money

  • Its card is available to customers in only two currencies.
  • The buyback rates are pricey.
  • Poor customer review

Bottom Line

Debenhams travel money is both suitable and not preferable, depending on the customer. For the customers in the UK and make several transactions in one currency, it is cheap. But for a customer making multiple transactions between different currencies, the rates may not be that favourable.